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DUPLEX RE is a real estate investment company based in Spain for international institutions and private investors looking to invest mainly in Spain and also in Europe and America. Our team have a strong track record investing in development and real estate.

Our goal is to ensure and make a company and a project in a safe investment.

We are progressing optimally in fulfilling our mission to provide value to society and the environment where our group develops their activity, keeping transparency, trust and soundness as key values, even when our activity is performed within such a complex scenario as the current one.


DUPLEX RE is a group of partnered companies, independent from each other, devoted to investment in general. Our activity is currently diversified, and we rely on a business conglomerate made up by a company of technical design, a building company and a group of development companies.


Investment diversification is DUPLEX RE´s main goal. The growth is achieved through hard, constant work, endeavoring to turn a company and a project into a secure investment. At DUPLEX we believe that each business project requires customized attention. For this reason we have created several divisions, made up by teams of specialized, independent experts-working in a synchronized manner- that will provide the client with the most favorable solution for each project in a customized, tailored way.


All of the members of DUPLEX RE´s managing team are professional experts, not only in performing their tasks and duties efficiently, but also in making people feel good, working together towards a common goal.



As a group, we value company unity, where learning is a top priority...

as well as transmitting our professional experience and knowledge; all the positive aspects, such as effort and reliability, and teaching how to endure the problems and crises, passing on our knowledge from one to another. Professionally, we believe that individual hard work and continuous effort contribute towards the progress of the team effort.


WORKING principles

We are a group of partners with expertise in investments, mergers and international procurement. Our working principles involve diversification, hard work and perseverance in our daily work. We define and carry out feasible, committed and responsible projects, contributing towards sustainable development.


Our working principles




Hard Work



We want to grow gradually, cautiously, keeping a conservative attitude at all times, with the aim of becoming a leader group...

consolidated and positioned by means of our daily effort. We seek to stand out from the rest due to the quality of our products and services, the sustained profitability and the trust from our clients, a broadening of opportunities for our employees and a positive contribution to society.



DUPLEX INVESTMENT focuses on identifying, evaluating and managing investment opportunities on assets, sometimes distressed or non-performing. Investment advice is provided on an ad-hoc basis, using a specific approach for each one of the events identified.

Evaluations designed to meet the investor’s specific requirements and appetite

Investment opportunities outside the main financial markets, providing lower performance-correlated assets

High expertise on non-performing assets management:

Minimizing associated non-financial risks: technical, operational, regulatory and reputational

Identification of time and risk adjusted return potential

DUPLEX RE applies a consistent and disciplined investment approach to all portfolios and strategies-core, opportunistic and development, which we believe helps drive performance for our investors.






Investment Approach


Cross-functional investment professionals not only source and underwrite new investments, but also oversee budgeting and strategic planning, technical conditions, guide lease negotiations, direct marketing efforts and manage capital projects during the hold period. This approach fosters execution continuity, increases accountability, enhances overall investment judgment, and ultimately drives investment performance.

Operating Partners


DUPLEX RE frequently partners with experienced joint venture operating partners with deep market insight and specialized product knowledge. Aligned through meaningful co-investment, the firm's operating partners directly execute the strategy on the ground and also provide access to off-market or quietly-marketed investment opportunities.

Investment Platform


In today's dynamic investment landscape, investment opportunities can shift from one market to the next as a result of changing space preferences among tenants, infrastructure investment or many other reasons. As a result, DUPLEX RE leverages a hands-on asset management platform and an institutional research infrastructure to identify uniquely-positioned investment opportunities at the submarket and even micro submarket level.

We invest in exceptional assets in dynamic urban markets where tenants want to be.

Product Focus:

The firm focuses on a limited number of investment products with no competing mandates, ensuring that investors benefit from the investment team’s best ideas.

Accountability and Continuity:

Each investment team at DUPLEX is responsible for the full life-cycle of an investment from underwriting and acquisition to leasing, strategic planning and execution during the hold period.



Investment professionals at DUPLEX are guided by the firm’s steadfast mission: to generate outstanding risk-adjusted investment performance.



DUPLEX RE continues to abide by its long-standing responsible investment policy which seeks to promote responsible stewardship of the environment, safe living and working conditions, and employment of the highest skilled workers from the building and construction companies.


This investment policy extends the effective life of portfolio investments, reduces operating costs, creates a better experience for tenants, and ultimately enhances returns for investors. A significant number of investments managed by the firm features meaningful green improvements that reduce waste, conserve natural resources and improve air quality.



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